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Planning New Builds in Brighton?

Are you planning a project that requires construction job? Whether you are planning to build your home; or simply planning house renovation; or perhaps, loft conversions Brighton, you need to consult with a specialist to help you implement your plan.

If, indeed, you are going to hire a contractor; it’s best that you’re going to hire the best. Here are some factors to look for:


Experience plays a lot in construction. You need to make sure that your prospective contractor is an expert and has the track record, references and documents to show for it. Aside from getting the job done well, he’s also bound to be very knowledgeable in the various laws and permits needed for the construction. For example, if you are planning house extensions Brighton, your contractor must know relevant permits you need to procure.

Time Frame

Another thing you need to ask the contractor is when they can finish the project. Make sure you have an agreement on this so that you can hold them accountable for the project’s expected completion date.


Budget is also one of the most important things you have to think through. Hire a contractor that has the track record, but whose service charge is still within your budget.

Whether new builds Brighton or old homes needing a renovation, it is very important that you hire people who are qualified to do the job. Believe me; you would not want the headache of having to handle constructions that were done sloppily.

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