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A Beginners’ Guide to Croquet Sets

The game of croquet is an outdoor game played either in singles or doubles. It is an interesting game calling for both  intellectual judgment and physical precision. All one needs is a croquet set that includes mallets, balls and six hoops. You will also need a well demarked field measuring about 35 yards to 28 though the size can be reduced depending on the venue. The appropriate ration should however be left at 5:4. It can be played by virtually anyone and there is little difference between an international player and someone just getting to play. This is the only game that offers such a level field and makes it very interesting. Consistency is thus important for higher ranking.

There are several versions of croquet. There is the golf croquet, association croquet and garden croquet. Of these, association croquet is the more complex yet most competitive. You can decide which version of croquet to start with as the rules only differ slightly. Croquet is a completely amateur sport thus there is no occurrence of a gap between professionals and amateurs. Joining a local club is a good way to start. There is little cost because most offer a provisional membership for those interested and you can make use of their numerous croquet sets to get to know which kind work well with you especially the mallet.  After this you will only have to pay the membership subscription. For comfort while playing you will need flat soled shoes and most associations will require white sports attire.