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Gabions and Its Many Advantageous Uses

Gabions are becoming more in-demand in many construction projects. This is because of its highly advantageous usages most especially for protection, retention, support, and control. A gabion is a basket made from intertwined wires that serve as a basket filled densely with stones. This is a preventive measure for soil erosion, to brace steep slopes, and stabilise mountain cuttings.

Aside from these, gabion baskets and steel rebar are very helpful in keeping back and securing walls, which are susceptible to wearing down. It is the best option to use a gabion in locations with discouraging condition of the soils, because it is more flexible compared to concrete walls.

This stone-stuffed steel basket is also of assistance in flood protection, as it can be used in reinforcing tunnels to divert water flow, and helps control gullies after a heavy downpour. Other gabion usages include the attrition avoidance of storm water channels, dam overspill canals as well as catchment basin along bridges. In line with this, a plane, horizontal gabion known as mattress is used specifically in riverbeds and waterway floors to avoid erosion in such areas. This is somewhat analogous to the function of a reinforcement mesh such that it serves as a shield and reinforcement.

The gabion is also efficient in safeguarding shorelines and sand dunes from the attack of sea waves and high tide. Moreover, it is also used to design gardens by making creative and artistic gabion designs. Using the gabion also entails minimum use of time and resources.

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