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Dark Rum, Anyone?

Drinking alcohol is a common occurrence anywhere in the world. People who work meet for drinks when they get out of their offices. Those who have dinner parties and events frequently begin with cocktails that involve alcoholic beverages. Through archaeological studies, it was found out that Neolithic people began drinking beer in 10,000 B.C. It was in 4,000 B.C. when accounts of alcohol drinking and its effect were written down. It was the Sumerians who did this. It is not surprising that people drink alcohol today because it is rooted down in history.

One of the most popular drinks in the past and today is rum. Rum Cocktails, straight up, rum on the rocks, mix it up or rum punches are just several ways to drink rum. The choices are endless when it comes to rum. Rum, if you didn’t know, actually comes from molasses. Molasses is sugarcane by product and it is fermented along with juices of the sugarcane plant. The thick concentration is distilled at 190 proof and creates a clear white spirit that is rum. Rum becomes dark when it is matured in casks for two to twelve years and added with caramel. The addition of caramel to the spirit gives it its dark colour. Caramel is chosen as it does not interfere with rum’s natural taste.

If you read Rum News online, you’ll be surprised at people’s love for this drink. And you’ll be able to read that there is actually a Rum Fest this coming October. The annual Rum Fest is going on its sixth year and you will be able to partake in this event if you wish. It is a grand event and rums from all over the world will be presented to the visitors. Rums from Antigua, Barbados, Venezuela and Great Britain will be available for consumption. You will finally be able to decide which one you favour better: White or Dark Rum. Aside from it being a weekend of drink, it will also be a weekend of learning. You can ask questions and interrogate rum connoisseurs and mixologists everything you want to know about rum.

However, since the Rum Fest is still several months’ away, order dark rum online so you won’t have to wait. You’ll find a maker of quality dark rum from the UK that sells the best rum ever made. You are free to order a bottle of dark rum or a dozen, if you wish. On top of that, you can get a copy of the best rum cocktails recipes. You can practice mixing drinks for yourself and your friends. You’ll be excited to make the rum cocktails because they’re quite easy to follow. Besides, it’s more convenient to order rum online. You don’t need to go to the liquor store personally as it will be delivered right to your doorstep. Rum also makes for a great gift. You can order two bottle packs for your friends who are avid rum drinkers and it will be delivered to their addresses in time for their birthdays or Christmas.