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The Hatch Chile: Known for Its Great Flavor and Bold Taste

If you are planning to travel to the Southwestern States for a vacation this summer, then you should really try to pass by Hatch Valley, New Mexico. This is where the best green chile is grown.
Hatch chile is known locally, regionally, and nationally. They have been growing the freshest and tastiest green chile for years; there are thousands of pounds of green chile sold from here every year. The hatch chile is sold online, and this will allow you to get your green chile no matter where you live in the US.
In Hatch Valley they have a pick and ship policy. This means that the chile is shipped out within 24 hours of being picked. By doing this they can guarantee the freshness of their product. Chile does not do well the longer they are left around not refrigerated. The hatch chile is not only shipped across the country, but it is enjoyed locally as well and the growers in Hatch Valley are even known to sell the chile from a corner stand. The Southwestern States are known for their food festivals; this is where you can go and eat great dishes that have been made from old family recipes.
If you have never heard of the hatch chile, then you are in for a treat when you do try them. They are an intricate part of Southwestern cuisine. With the food festivals that are popular among these states you can try the chile in its native dishes. Most of the dishes are Mexican in origin but have now been added over the years, making them uniquely Southwestern.
Listed below are several ways to get your hatch green chile:
*Online: As stated above, you can go online and order your green chile. With Hatch Valley Green Chile you will be guaranteed freshness and great taste. These are great for any dish that needs a little heat added.
*Straight from the Source: If you live in or around Hatch Valley then you can buy the chile right from the growers. This will give you the freshest green chile available, adding a great kick to the dish you are preparing.
*Side of the Road: Throughout the Southwest there will be growers on the side of the road selling their products and the green chile is no different. If you take a drive around these parts you will be sure to find one of these.
No matter how you get your green chile, the important thing is to ensure that the taste is right and it is fresh. With Hatch Valley green chile you will be guaranteed both of these qualities. They have been growing great green chile in Hatch Valley for more than 60 years, and some would say they have perfected it. The chile usually comes in four varieties: mild, medium, hot, and extra hot. With these different heat levels it allows everyone to be able to enjoy these great chile.