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New Hampshire Landscapers

NH Landscaping can be a challenge. New Hampshire isn’t called the granite state for nothing! The ground can be stony and the winters are harsh. These facts cause most reputable landscapers in NH to bring to bear all of their creativity and professionalism. Fortunately, Landscapes By Tom has just the creativity, professionalism and perseverance to transform any New Hampshire property, from Portsmouth to Meredith, to Derry and North Conway to Lake Winnipesaukee, into a real work of art.

Landscapes by Tom offers their clients free landscape design consultation. They know which plants and trees are hardy and can thrive in the area’s climate and they know how to protect other plants from severe winters. For example, they would protect some shrubs in enclosures of staked burlap, or mound soil or mulch around them, add an anti-desiccant as added protection, or even bury the plant to wait out the winter. If winter does damage some shrubs, they can prune them back to healthy wood when spring finally arrives. When it comes to hardscaping, they can let the homeowner know which sort of sealant would be best for their brick, stone or concrete paving and which materials can best resist heaving and cracking during the winter.

When to comes to lawns, Landscapes by Tom can also let the homeowner know which grass is best for the area and how it should be cared for. Grasses like bent grass, blue grama grass and fine fescue are known for their tolerance of cold weather. They can also build terraced gardens, help the homeowner build and site decks and patios and add water features. Again, the New Hampshire winter will come into play here. Some fish can live under the top layer of ice in a pond or pool, but few fish will survive a pond that’s frozen solid all winter. Ponds and other water features may need to be heated.

NH landscaping isn’t a daunting as it may seem. The homeowner can have a property as beautiful as the state that surrounds it.