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Penguin Parade – the most sought after event

Philip Island is one of the southernmost islands of Australia located off the coast of Melbourne and its home to the smallest species of penguins also known as the little penguins. Every year, these species of penguins have a parade that comes ashore during dusk and it’s also the only location in the world where people can see penguins in their own habitat. Phillip Island Penguins Day Tour takes visitors to these locations at the right time to see this parade. It’s a beautiful experience that people can witness. It’s also a good experience to see penguins walk in a queue that people would never experience otherwise.

The Penguin Parade is one of the most happening events in the world and also the most sought after. Sydney is the capital of Australia and also its one the most picturesque of locations. It has a lot to offer in terms of its cuisine. Sydney contains a platter that houses some of the world’s greatest chefs. This is a great gastronomic destination for people to experience if they love eating and drinking. Australia is making huge headway in the wine industry and it’s giving European wine a huge competition. Sydney sightseeing helps people to ensure that they can experience this state at its best and also enjoy themselves while they are here. This is one of the world’s best destinations for cricket lovers and also athletics and its home to the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground).

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