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North Ryde Florist: Effects of Flower Giving

I love you, happy birthday, thank you, I’m sorry, get well soon, thank you, and congratulations are only some of the emotions that are communicated through giving flowers arranged by a North Ryde florist to your loved ones and friends. According to a certain study conducted by a Rutgers University researcher, the gifts that you choose to give a person say a lot of things about you. The research also found out that those who give flowers are often perceived as caring, emotionally intelligent and successful people. Here are some more of the findings in the research:

  • Anyone who gives flowers is thought to be happy, strong, achieving, courageous and capable.
  • Flower givers are thought to be emotionally intelligent. These are often the type of people who can express their feeling well and give enough attention to other people to understand how they feel as well.
  • Women who give flowers are perceived as women who know how to appreciate being surrounded by beautiful things and nature.

The research found out that you can create a different impression on other people based on the gifts that you give. This finding has even created an impact on people who are always into improving relationships, including romances, friendships or business relationships.

Moreover, previous researchers also show that flowers can trigger an instant moment of happiness and delight as well as satisfaction and enjoyment in life. The study also claims that women who receive flowers automatically respond with a genuine smile and enjoy a happy mood for days. If you also get flowers from a North Epping florist, this is also reported to help strengthen the bond between family and friends.

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