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Clareville Florist: Hiring a Florist for Wedding

Clareville has plenty of talented and artistic florists. One who will look for a Clareville florist can search online or ask friends. Below are some tips when hiring a Clareville or Clemton Park  florist. Actually, you can use them when hiring a wedding florist anywhere.

When to Look for a Florist

It is highly recommended that you search for a wedding florist six months before the wedding day. You should be planning and discussing details four months before the wedding day.

How to Choose

Whilst there are people who call themselves florists and offer floral arrangements as services, you will find that not all of them are experienced or had proper training. Some don’t even have the trait that’s most important in a florist – creativity.

Aside from talent and experience, you should also consider the florist’s way of dealing with clients and providing services. Look at the florist’s previous work through photographs. Look for close up shots of flower arrangements. Did the florist use fresh flowers or can you see brownish edges? You should also consider your feelings towards hiring the florist. No matter how great and famous the florist is, do not hire him if you are not comfortable working with her.

Meeting a Florist

It is better to meet up with several florists in your area. Bring the following in every meeting: photographs of flowers you like, photographs or sample material of your wedding gown, and a list of flower arrangements (bouquet, corsage, etc.) that you need. You should also bring containers for flower arrangements if you opt to provide them.


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